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Paper Bride 3 Unresolved Love

The blue sky fades to dusk; absent are Yin and Yang.
A procession of white robes accompanies the swaying red palanquin.
Incense unbroken foretells the enduring matrimony.
A joyous celebration welcomes the paper bride's return...

Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village

Midsummer bride in a gown of paper;
Torn from her groom and lost forever.

Hello, everyone! Our team is excited to announce our third mystery horror game, "Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village"!

You guessed it! This is the sequel to our Paper Bride series based on Chinese folklore.
This story takes place in Zangling Village, where players must explore a village shrouded in occult mystery to uncover the secret origins of this haunted village.

Paper Bride

Chinese Horror and Mystery Puzzle Game.
During the wedding ceremony, the groom looked around to find the garment of the bride, which was originally a red wedding dress, suddenly change into a white paper wedding gown.
The bride then mysteriously disappeared. You need to play as the groom and find out the truth. As you investigate, you will experience creepy events, and get to known the dark traditions of the bride's home village, and a decades-old story of hatred...


Escape room horror puzzle game.
You wake up after a sound sleep and find yourself in a madhouse.
You see your photo on a casebook, your information in a folder.
Is it truth that you behold?
Can you finally find out the truth and escape from the Madhouse?

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